The American St Nick by Peter Lion is the true story about how a handful of GI's lifted the spirit of a Luxembourg village by restoring one of its most beloved Christmas traditions. Thirty years later, the people of the village had not forgotten and they were determined to find their American St Nick once again and bring him back. — Helen Patton

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Peter Lion is a native of New England where he studied journalism at Southern Connecticut State University before embarking on a career in television. During his twenty years in the industry he has been a news producer, writer, reporter, and has won multiple Emmy Awards as a director.

"l first heard the story of the American St. Nicolas in 1994," explains Peter. "My friend, Terry Brookins, was preparing for a trip to Europe with his family. 'We're heading over to Luxembourg with my dad,' Terry told me. ''He's going over to do this thing in a town called Wiltz.' He then told me this remarkable story about his father. I fell in love with the story and — fearing the day when it might no longer be remembered — committed myself to share it with the world."

Peter currently lives in Connecticut.

Hidden Hell


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Hidden Hell by Robert H. Miller
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Amidst the dark and painful days of WWII Europe there shown a bright and joyous light—the courage and compassion of the 28th Infantry Division Signal Corps and its Christmas gift to the town of Wiltz, Luxembourg.

The American St. Nick is based on the true story of soldiers who donated their gifts from home, military cooks who baked sweets, and Corporal Richard Brookins, who borrowed clothes from the local priest then rode through town as St. Nicolas to the delight of children and parents alike.

Thus begins a story soon clouded by the trials of war and the distance of time—clouded, but not forgotten. For the story of that day touched the hearts of generations who reached out across the oceans to the surprise of those living with us today and in honor of the memory of those who stayed behind.

Click here to view a CNN Broadcast featuring this heartwarming event that takes place each year in Luxembourg.
Robert H. Miller
George s. Patton, Helen Patton and the Patton Sustainable Trust

Based on the true story of the 28th Division's compassion and heroism in WWII Europe

Hidden Hell, Discovering My Father's POW Diary


Peter Lion

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