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Robert H. Miller spent three years researching and writing the story of his father's experiences as a POW in World War II. The well-received book My Father's Hidden Hell is the story of an American soldier who greatly suffered as a POW in Nazi Germany.
For the last sixteen years Miller has worked in advanced LED lighting and technology design centered on the global market. Miller travels extensively in Europe for his work and in the emerging auto markets of China, India, and Brazil. He took advantage of his time in Europe to research and write his book.
In August 2010, Miller accepted the newly created position of Executive Director of the Patton Foundation. In this role Miller will oversee the foundation's efforts in America to put into practice General George Patton's concerns for the welfare of American soldiers and their families. Miller will also be working to ensure the continued preservation of the World War II Patton archives, which are located in historic areas of France.
Miller has been a professional photographer for thirty-six years and has won several international awards. His lives in Canton, Michigan, with his wife, Colleen. They have five children.

This is "Hidden Hell". Author Robert H. Miller knew nothing about his
father's World War II experience until after his father's death when
Robert accidentally stumbled upon a drawer filled with relics and clues that would explain why his father had depression. It is an example of the silent suffering endured by so many many veterans, but mainly it's a testament to one man's agonizing struggle to keep the past the past and his determination never to hate. — Helen Patton

Hidden Hell


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Hidden Hell by Robert H. Miller
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Robert Miller's father, World War II veteran Herbert Henry Miller, died in 1994. A month later, Robert and his mother discovered the Red Cross diary he had kept while a prisoner of war in Nazi Germany. It became the catalyst for Robert's quest to learn more about his father's war. The result of that quest is this remarkable book, a story of terror, horrific despair, and Nazi depravity. But it is also a tale of survival against astonishing odds, of the deep bonds that develop between men at a time of war, and of choosing to leave hate behind.

Herb Miller was twenty-one in February 1944 when he boarded the SS Argentina in Boston Harbor with the U.S. Army's 30th Infantry Division bound for the European war. Miller landed on Omaha Beach on June 11, five days after the mass assault of D-Day.

The 30th moved inland, suffering enormous casualties in three major operations. Captured by the Germans at Mortain, France, in August 6, Miller endured a punishing fifty-four-day march to Moosburg, Germany, where he survived for seven months in Stalag VIIA, the largest POV camp in Nazi Germany.

During his stay at Stalag VIIA, Miller became good friends with a Nazi guard named Heinz. Heinz disappeared from the camp and Miller always believed he was murdered by his fellow Nazis. His friendship with this kind and decent German man haunted Miller for the rest of his life.

Robert H. Miller
George s. Patton, Helen Patton and the Patton Sustainable Trust


Hidden Hell, Discovering My Father's POW Diary



PAGE COUNT: 258 pages

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Robert H. Miller - Hidden Hell